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Movie Review – Ford v Ferrari

Vrooming to Victory The first impact the movie would have, would be on your ears. Especially, if you had watched the movie with earphones like I did. Either you’d be enjoying the sound of cars whizzing from one ear to another like it happened with “Omahaziya” in your Sony Walkman or you’d be ...

Movie Review – Water

This one’s more on the surface level Probably the least impactful movie of the lot. It could be attributed due to lot factors like, the gap between the movies (this being the longest between two movies in the trilogy), the actors or even due to the compulsion of completing a trilogy. This always ...

Movie Review – Remember the Titans

A Fool Proof Sports Drama Sports drama are always fool proof, isn’t it. All you got to do is stick to the template, put some decent actors and bam! You’ve got a winner on cards. There are very few sports films which goes out of the template, which are usually make or break. But when […]

Movie Review – Earth

A movie which you can’t “part” ways with easily Don’t go by the posters, with the face of Aamir Khan occupying three fourth of the frame, it looks like any normal revenge saga of a leading hero. But thankfully as I saw it as a part of Elements trilogy and knew that it was going […]

Movie Review – Fire

The rage within ‘Fire’ – The first of the Elements Trilogy and one of the movies in my ever impending list for very long time turned out to be just the film I wanted to watch. Indian films which are spoken in English are always a charm. Many call it unnatural but I claim it […]

Travelogue: Second Time Luckly – Tada Falls or Ubbalamadugu Waterfalls

Tada was my first ever adventure which happened about a decade ago. That’s the trek which I went without even knowing what a trek is. The only thing I knew was, it would be physically taxing. When I was in fully depressed mode and waiting to find some option to vent out, I searched for […]

Movie Review – Oppenheimer

A staggering achievement ‘Oppenheimer’ is nothing like anything which has come to cinema before. To restrict the film as just a biopic is an understatement. Nolan does everything he does to perfection. The template is set right from screen one, through music, shots, timeline etc. It’s the most ...

Movie Review – Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana

A Raw Rural Portrait ‘Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana’ has to be one of the interesting films to have come of late. Right from the title, it gave a different kind of vibe. Knowing that it was a violent film I was naturally intrigued. It gave me a feel of ‘Gomorrah’ even before watching it. It […]

Movie Review – Le Samouraï

If only films could breathe style Probably one of the most stylish film to have ever come across in cinema. ‘Le Samouraï’ is part of the league of extraordinary pure cinema at the start of French New Wave, like ‘Breathless’ and ‘Pickpocket’. Of the three, probably the less famous and most engaging ...

Movie Review – The Great Indian Kitchen

Great Indian Tragedy Great Indian Kitchen is a treat to watch, pleasure to discuss and a joy to write. It’s one of the few movies, which you know will work right from seeing a frame. In fact even that’s not necessary, just the title hits you so hard with its sarcasm. This is an universal […]

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